A small bakery in Sulmona

In this project it was easy to get a nice impact because this small bakery is located in a building which is one of the most wonderful example of Italian Art Nouveau in Sulmona city.
before the renovation the bakery was entirely covered with wood pine (dating back to 1980 and worthless) the internal space was dark and gloomy… It would have been more expensive to disassembly the old furniture then to building new interiors!.
I appreciated very much that the client has requested to put in the project some of the classic English bakeries influence.
At the end it was necessary to give again to the ambient a pleasant feeling of freshness that i solved using some floral and colorful wallpaper.


Type: Property Renovation

Brand: Panetteria Andreotti

Designer: Pasquale Mariani

Photographer: Elisabetta Santini

Location: Sulmona, Italy

Client: Panetteria Andreotti

Furniture Supplier: falegnameria Angelilli

Date : 2014


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