METROFASHION hq – Krasnodar

The office for head quarters of the METROFASHION company is located in Krasnodar, on Ulitsa Kubanskaya Naberezhnaya, in a prestigious location close to the river in the middle of most iconic city towers. Steel structure with ceiling and columns more than 6 meters high, the terrace and huge windows overlooking the krasnodar river side and Potseluyev bridge – these are a fine introduction of space for the creative department of the modern dynamic company.

The aesthetics of Bauhaus (the higher school in Dessau and the architectural direction of the first third of 20th century) has become a basis of style and the main source of inspiration. Simple laconic forms, utilitarian approach and the ideas of functionalism once has made a revolution in architecture. Now we transfer this esthetics to interior design, but only its decorative part. The interior stylistics of co-working and office spaces of modern New York also had a great influence on this interior mix. There, in NYC, interior design for once industrial spaces outgrew “the same loft” long ago.

First time I visited this space I understood from beginning that the uniqueness of it was on plan layout. The main entrance is incredibly in the center of it and this is super unusual, as a matter of facts the double lifts landing the visitors just in the middle and in front of a wide river view.
The project easily followed this aspect, I designed welcome area of course in the middle. when you will arrive at metrofashion company HQ you be physically at center of company and can feel the company around you.
Moreover it allows to get a front and a back view and this force the visitors to explore the space and discovering others areas.
Also the three huge columns on welcome area are designed as lighting installation which makes space emotional and impressive, this is crucial to identify the place where the owners approach their clients to MF.

Besides the center of whole space is the core lobby which connect to the kitchen, meeting room, a lecture space suitable for short meetings, free time and where it is possible to work, have a rest, play in PS

Space has been increased including an extra mezzanine floor achieved in steel, a very special staircase in white gres and black steel conducts upward into a upper floor where are located a training room for 25 seats a small desk bar and other office areas.

This Space is designed to give comfort and the right vibes to creative employees, that they could find inspiration, harmony and the new amazing ideas.

type: interior design
designer: Pasquale Mariani
area: 730 sqm
rendering: Lorenzo Colalongo
client: Metrofashion
location: Krasnodar
date: October 2019


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